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The global business environment is constantly evolving, so do your group corporate travel needs. Companies with crews need to make the most of their team’s productivity. Thereby always seeking out more cost-effective methods to manage their group travel.

When it comes to managing corporate travel, no organization wants to be overcharged for rooms, nights or fees that were not authorized. Nor do they want to receive a bill 30 days after a stay where they cannot remember what they actually approved or rooms they used. manages and controls every aspect of your personnel travel on a daily basis., a travel management advisory company assists corporations in reducing and managing lodging expenditures. It offers comprehensive travel solutions that are reliable, cost-effective and fully compliant, thereby ensuring productive traveling in all aspects. upholds a strategic approach to ensure result-driven negotiations with all vendors, day-to-day operation of the corporate travel program, traveler safety, productivity and expenses. Its streamlined and customer-centric business approach makes a reliable travel management partner for various industries including construction, energy, solar, transport, aviation, education, municipal and government.

Corporate lodging solutions by help businesses foresee the challenges that are involved in group travel and assists in avoiding them, before they occur. In this manner, – a crew logistics management company – enables organizations to track every dollar spent while alleviating unnecessary costs to be incurred on rooms and overall lodging expenditures. It also ensures quality facilities closet to the job site location. And eliminates in-house administrative labor that is required to manage the process. We are an outsourced travel department. goes above and beyond the client’s expectations to set new standards in travel management and crew logistic services. Its network of satisfied clients across different industries pronounces the high standards they uphold, while providing corporate travel management services.

Advantages of

Personalized Services believes that best way the company can serve its customer is by providing them personalized experience. This is why, the company continues to strive to synchronize their services with the needs of their clients to draft their corporate travel program accordingly. The company advises them on all aspects of travel management, from tools, payment methodologies to supplier negotiations. All with a focus on reducing the client’s travel costs.

Streamlined Travel Policy has an experienced team that helps build optimal travel policies for its clients, regardless of the size of your business.

Hassle-Free Travel Booking Procedure adopts customized booking procedures suiting a diverse group of different types of organizations. In order to provide individualized services, the company tailors a solution that fits the specific client’s travel culture.

Constantly Evolving

Being a reliable travel management partner, ensures to evolve with new trends taking shape in the travel industry, that enables it to cater to the increasing demands of organizations across North America.

Team has a team of experienced personnel guided by Andrea Tsakanikas – its President and Co-Founder. With her unwavering guidance, the team is constantly offering remarkable solutions aimed at managing, controlling and reducing personnel lodging expenditures for mobile workforces throughout North America.

If you are looking for a personnel travel management company to help you ensure savings, increase efficiency and productivity then retain today.