– A new Paradigm in Crew Travel

What does it take to manage and control your mobile work force travel costs and procedures?

It consists of a dispatch department, a reservations department, a tracking and roster management department, a procurement department to negotiate the rates, an accounting and audit department to reconcile and tie back the invoices to actuals.

That is why it is most cost-effective to outsource this process instead of hiring unnecessary and costly in-house personnel.  In such a case, it is imperative to hire a company which is dedicated to providing top notch personnel travel management related services. A company specializing in managing crew travel and logistics will reduce the time spent in house, while making personnel travel cost-effective for your company.

CrewFacilities is a crew logistics travel company acknowledged for providing end-to-end, business-to-business customized travel solutions that assist organizations in reducing their current company travel expenditures.

Here is how makes a difference

Simple set up with a complimentary 60 day trial

For a sample of how our services work and to see for yourself the savings.  We offer a 60 day complimentary trial with no obligation.  With a 10 minute setup we will determine your specific travel requirements,  understand your expectations and then provide you the best appropriate solutions.

Get to know the team

Andrea Tsakanikas – President

Andrea Tsakanikas hails from property and facility management industry. During her career, spanning across almost three decades, she has successfully represented hundreds of investors and managed hundreds projects pertaining to workforce lodging, rental and resort products.

She is Co-founder and President of Andrea co-founded the company with Amber Schofman with an aim to redefine crew travel across a variety of industries including solar, utility, construction, municipal and government, oil and gas, athletics, film.

Amber Schofman – Vice President

Amber Schofman is Vice President and Co-Founder of

Attentive services

The company has spent years on the ground vetting facilities and negotiating competitive rates.  Through these partnerships they ensure that their clients receive quality stays, at competitive rates, closest to their job site locations throughout North America.

Simplified travel

The company ensures to provide crew travel solutions to simplify even the most impossible seeming requests.

For immediate assistance in managing your crew travel and logistics please contact us at 800-273-9256 or


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