Crewfacilities.Com – Setting High Standards for Business Tours is a travel management company widely acknowledged for providing streamlined and professional crew logistics services. The company’s ultimate aim is to assist organizations in reducing their travel costs and administrative time and labor, through customized solutions.

Through client-centric services, makes sure to provide the best possible accommodation in close proximity to a job location, thereby reducing additional labor costs for travel and limiting company liabilities of traveling long distances to and from the job site.

Crewfacilities is a women-owned organization and currently is in the process of finalizing WBE certification in many regions. It will soon be able to qualify client companies for minority participation needed for their state and federal contracts, while saving them on their crew logistics and travel costs.

While providing personnel logistic solutions, the takes several factors in mind including a company’s travel culture, lodging requirements and a job location, in order to provide the best-in-class solutions. This is how, the company has set high standards for travel management; it has just transformed the way businesses in North America execute their crew lodging.

Get to know the team

Andrea Tsakanikas – President and Co-founder

Andrea Tsakanikas has spent her career in the property and facility management industry.  During her career spanning across almost three decades, she has represented hundreds of investors and managed different projects related to workforce lodging, rental and resort products.

Andrea co-founded, along with Amber Schofman, with the sole aim to transform crew travel across many industries including solar, utility, oil & gas, municipal & government, construction, athletics, and entertainment.

Amber Schofman

Amber Schofman is Vice President and Co-Founder at She is responsible for oversight of the company’s processes and procedures in order to execute its commitment of providing quality services and solutions for crews traveling through North America.

In order to reduce over personnel total travel costs there must be a focus beyond just nightly room rates.  Instead the entire process must be managed  from creating and executing policies, to researching rates and negotiating them competitively.  To managing the crew check ins, and nightly tracking of occupied rooms and rosters, to auditing all charges to reconcile them back to actuals.


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