– Setting Standards for Professional Corporate Travel Management Services is a business travel management advisory company renowned for providing end-to-end, business-to-business crew logistic services. The company aims at providing the services that can assist organizations in reducing their group business travel costs, reducing unnecessary costs, without compromising on employees’ comfort. has been able to provide result-oriented solutions to organizations owing to its vast network of vetted facilities spanning across North America. With its vast facilities’ network, the company ensures to provide a comfortable stay to the employees.

Advantages of

  • It has a vast vetted facility network across North America.
  • It ensures to provide a comfortable stay facility in close proximity to a job location
  • It has a team of qualified business travelling consultants
  • The company provides business-to-business crew logistics services to different industries including construction, energy, education and transportation.

Meet the team

Andrea Tsakanikas, President and Co-founder

Andrea Tsakanikas is the chief executive officer, president, management consultant and broker who provides services for property and facilities management. She co-founded CrewFacilities with Amber Schofman, with an aim to represent the companies traveling despite of property/facility ownership side of lodging. The company was founded to manage, control and reduce personnel lodging expenditures for organizations with mobile workforces.

Andrea Tsakanikas pemmed ee experience in rentals with the book called The Naked Truth About Rentals: Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Didn’t Know Who to Ask that she has authored. She penned down the experience she gained over her career spanning across almost three decades.

The book contains everything one needs to know to earn income in rentals. This ‘How To’ guide is tested and modified over 20 years’ time. This helps you to set up a rental office or fine-tune your current rental division, including sample advertisements, office forms, reporting, job descriptions & more. This 111-page manual includes advertisement formats, sample office forms for tracking sources, marketing, listing files, prospective renter forms, reporting for source/data tabulation and market analysis that help one establish one’s rental office from scratch or fine-tune an existing rental department.

Know more about Andrea Tsakanikas here.

Amber Schofman

Amber Schofman co-founded with Andrea Tsakanikas. As Vice President, she is responsible for maintaining the responsibilities concerning to customizing travel solutions for the clients with crews traveling. She has vast experience in facility and property management operations, which enables her to understand the clients’ requirements and the facility partners across the country to ensure satisfactory services during group stays.

Amber Schofman works in coordination with the facility in order to manage the flow of all reservation transactions. She acts as a liaison between the client’s corporate office, client’s crew lead and guests on the ground to provide the most satisfactory services, thereby earning the trust of clients.

Visit to get in touch with crew logistics experts.


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