Crewfacilities.Com – Making a Difference in the Crew Logistics Industry is a travel management company that assists companies with mobile work forces with the lodging process.

The company provides crew logistic solutions customized to its clients’ requirements.

Here are the solutions that offers:

Employee Lodging Cost Reduction

Is your organization suffering from lack of travel policies and procedures? Do you have direct bill accounts open across many hotels?  Do you have a multitude of personnel booking reservations and using company credit cards?  If yes, then you need not worry about costs that are out of control any longer. will offer a single portal to manage all reservations, vet out quality facilities, negotiate competitive rates, all while decreasing overall lodging expenditures.

Communication Technology

Communications can be distorted across many employees and multiple job sites. To eliminate this issue, implements steps to keep its clients informed with true and accurate data, while reducing miscommunication between organizational divisions.

Key Metrics Reporting

It goes without saying that tracking crew rosters, shifts, crew changes, extensions and job costs requires a great amount of time and labor. CrewFacilities provides real-time daily, weekly and monthly data to track crews and costs by your specifications.

Dispatch Services

If you are worrying about how would you coordinate logistics for your remote field team, relax, simplifies current dispatch operating procedures and will streamline your current coordination to fit your customized requirements in the field.

Credit Solutions

Tracking reservations, reconciling stays, resolving disputes and keeping credit flowing are challenges, especially when a business uses credit cards for travel. provides credit solutions to solve these issues.

Employee Compensation Solutions

It takes a large volume of in-house labor to manage personnel travel properly.  This creates unnecessary overtime of nights and weekends to book and cancel hotel or lodge reservations. provides employee compensation solutions that help you reduce all in-house overtime costs.

Accounting Solutions

Do not pay for hotel rooms that are unauthorized or never used, rates higher than anticipated or unapproved incidentals. offers end-to-end solutions to reduce unnecessary expenditures, thereby reducing overall travel expenditures.

For more information about the services being provided by, please call 800-273-9256.


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