Andrea Tsakanikas – Her years of Experience

Looking at Andrea’s career that spans over three decades, one can simply honor her as a determined and highly-spirited entrepreneur.

She is one kind of a person, who encourages excellence, not volume; and long-term customer relationships.  What she delivers is second to none and what her clients receive certainly compels them to come back. She has learned over many years in the field what works for the group traveler–Assets & property management

Andrea Tsakanikas
  • Travel management and crew lodging consultancy
  • Synchronization of logistics solutions
  • Management of lean properties
  • Lease-ups and credit solutions alike

Owing to her vast knowledge and experience in property and corporate housing industry, retains a large portion of the crew travel market.  With much of their volume coming to them via other client referrals and their name in the industry.

 Introduction to is a full-service travel management and logistics company, with experience of thousands of rooms managed per night.   Andrea has dedicated herself to the vision and core values of

Her occupational achievements have never stopped growing and evolving, day in and day out as is clear from her time in the field.

President at was co-founded by Andrea Tsakanikas – a crew travel and logistics management company.  Her main focus for the last several years.

President at KT Consulting International

KT Consulting International is a full-service construction management and consultancy firm, dealing with clients like REITS, multifamily management firms, developers and investment groups. She has simultaneously been committed towards her duties for this organization as well its clients.

COO (Chief Operating Officer) at

Specializing in oil and gas mancamps and housing, she was responsible for building the infrastructure of the organization.

Team Housing Solutions Inc. – She’s the VP of Operations here

Andrea Tsakanikas was hired to build the infrastructure of the organization’s remote lodging division which managed mancamps, class A apartments and lodging for the energy industry.

Owner and Qualifying Broker at Florida Luxury Rentals —  Andrea Tsakanikas founded this entity with a specialization in vacation rental market and it was sold after 5 years and is still successful in the luxury rental market today.


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