Andrea Tsakanikas Leads Crewfacilities.Com on the path for new successes

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Andrea Tsakanikas is a seasoned professional in the lodging and facility management arena. Owing to her vast expertise in working with a variety of property types and transactions she found there was a great need for managing the logistics, scheduling and dispatch for companies across North America with mobile work forces.  Currently, as President of her own organization called, she understands what it takes to manage the major operations related to crew travel management and logistics for companies with hundreds and thousands of team members traveling., based in Austin, Texas and a regional office in the Southeast, Fort Lauderdale, FL, specializes in assisting entities simplify their fundamental operations, innovate solutions in order to upgrade systems, asses and train team members to become qualified and lead departments to achieve success in the process.

Andrea’s organization, is now the most preferred choice for organizations seeking innovative and cost-effective crew travel management and logistics solutions. Operating for quite a sometime now in the industry, Andrea has helped Crewfacilities make strong partnerships in the arena. She understands her client’s needs and organizational distinguishes that further help expedite the process ensuring cost-savings.

Andrea Tsakanikas knows how important it is for all levels of personnel in the loop to have effective communication and in order to meet the requirement; she has created customized communication technology solutions to create an active liaison between crew supervisor to travel coordinator, to the guests in the facility, to the company regional, corporate offices and accounting for the travel. She is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, mastered at getting things in an expeditious and efficient manner. To offer companies “reduced travel expenditure” is the sole focus of the entity. is a clear evidence of her knowledge and expertise in crew travel management and logistics industry. Along with the establishment of Crewfacilities, she has been working on behalf of developers, company owners and facility owners. Andrea’s brilliance in streamlining companies’ crew travel needs and lodging workforces in remote locations ensuring better stay experience and team productivity makes her one of her kind. Andrea Tsakanikas works hard to assist personnel dispatch to different locations and also schedule upcoming changes on daily basis. Andrea makes sure the transaction process is transparent to all the parties in order to maintain healthy client-facility relationship.

Andrea Tskanikas aims at:

Her vision and persistence to manage satisfactory crew lodging has helped be the most preferred choice in the industry. A company with individual departments focuses as part of the flow in each reservation transaction requires uninterrupted focus.And Andrea strives to maintain the same. She knows what it takes to stay on top of each and every detail in real time, and leads the company in the similar direction. Andrea assures customized travel solutions for the mobile workforces, confirming top quality lodging facilities, nearby the job site, and at competitive rates.

The services of cater to:

  • Lodging and reservations.
  • Reduced crew travel cost.
  • Fully outsourced travel management.
  • Real time data access for crew logistics.
  • Facility vetting
  • 5 processes to submit a reservation – Email, Text, Voice, Smartphone App and Web
  • Travel Policy
  • Consulting for Travel and Logistics

How integral Andrea Tsakanikas is to Crewfacilities?

With ‘no-compromise’ on service quality as well as team’s productivity, Andrea Tsakanikas ensures competitive crew lodging costs.   She has created a proprietary vetting and pre-screening oversight of the facilities to ensure they all adhere to strict health, safety and environmental, in addition to quality requirements prior to final placement. Unlike many in the industry, Andrea strives to streamline and simplify the entire reservation process so as to focus more on customizing the individual client company requirements.  Some of the factors focuses on – on behalf of their clients:

  • Finding top facility nearest to the job site.
  • More potential facilities across USA, Canada and Mexico.
  • Identifying needs of crew members and having them fulfilled.
  • Confirming discounted rates for 2.5 and 3 Star lodging facilities, and
  • Managing accounts to eliminate inclusion of unnecessary costs and fees.

About Andrea Tsakanikas

Being high-skilled professional in the field of crew travel management and logistics, she has successfully managed, booked, leased and rented thousands of apartments, room nights for different clients from different industries. Owing to her extensive career in the industry, her organization,, counts as the best at simplifying crew travel management, at a minimal cost. Whether it’s room charges or facility invoice audit, they are controlled and managed, further linking the charges according to the total room actuals for occupancy at the time of booking and each night during the reservation.


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