– Innovations in crew lodging and logistics

Crew Facilities

Efficient crew travel and lodging management requires time and expertise. Many organizations with crews travelling overnight face difficulties throughout the process for each transaction. From researching upcoming job location areas, to narrowing down quality facilities, placing and authorizing reservations, negotiating rates, managing the daily activity, changes, added rooms, early and late check outs. 

And the dispatch, scheduling and logistics for lodging in a remote location adds another level of challenges and potential breakdowns.  And multiple crews, multiple cities and different job lengths all make for other areas to track and decipher actual activity on the ground.  Businesses should initially avoid long-term lease agreements that require long term stays and locked in rates, even when they go down. comes as a saving grace for many organizations. The company is a full-service crew travel and logistics management firm, serving a diverse clientele across North America. works towards saving costs for organizations that are seeking group travel management and lodging solutions in a remote location, large metro cities, International locations, and more. The company doesn’t require long-term commitments, and understands projects, job sites and schedules change for their clients, without notice.  They offer simplified, customized, around the clock support for your workforce travel and logistics for businesses with mobile workforces.

Most companies tend to avoid projects outside of their regional home base, as they may have to incur unlimited travel, lodging and team management costs. This does not have to be the case. can assist in estimating your crew lodging prior to contract bidding.  And guarantee a max cost for the entire project.  So our clients can rest assured they have the costs managed and under budget.

Single point of contact service

Andrea Tsakanikas, the founder and the President of, has created a vision for the most effective ways to manage crew lodging and logistics for the company.  And has created and developed a proprietary and innovative platform to manage all levels and sectors of workforce travel management.  She is an entrepreneur, a leader and builder, an author, trainer and consultant in the field of crew travel and logistics management. As President of the company, Andrea consistently strives to lead the organization in analyzing their current processes and procedures and finding the newest innovations and practices for its clients throughout North America. manages mobile workforces for a variety of industries including oil & gas, wind, solar, transportation, aviation, utility, construction, municipal and government alike. It’s departments include procurement, tracking, accounting and auditing, reservations, customer service, facility management, logistics and travel coordination. The company specializes in offering cost-effective and fully-customizable travel policies, which proves to be best solution for the enterprises. More to this, clients do also have a travel team at their disposal, which further adds to customer-satisfaction.

Here’s brief description of services renders:

Cost-effective crew lodging

Despite having travel coordinators and travel processes in-built, most corporations fail to properly execute and manage their group travel and find it necessary to outsource to a travel manager who has expertise and the departmental setup to properly execute.  As Organizations focus on their core business, managing the travel is the last item they have the man power or time to work with.  And if they believe they have it under control with great room rates, that s definitely not always what occurs once it comes down to finalizing payment for all of their lodging.  Room rates quoted mean nothing until you receive your final facility bill. There are overcharges for the rooms or extra beds that might are unoccupied or unauthorized.  But added to the final bill.  Or maybe a crew checked out days earlier but the hotel continued charge.  Or maybe a crew member decided to bring along a girlfriend and take his own room to add to the company bill.  What about incidentals for food, drinks, movies, etc?  Most companies do not want to pay for any charges other than the room rate and applicable tax. works towards eliminating unnecessary costs prior to generating the final invoice by tracking the rooms’ status during reservation.  And then the final bill moves into the CrewFac Audit Department to ensure the client is only charged the agreed up rate, number of rooms authorized and number of days authorized.  And it further simplifies the time spent for the client to review an itemized and consolidated invoice with all backup and crew member names for simplified approval process.

Real-time data access and streamlined reporting

When it comes to dispatching a team to a remote location – roster management, crew members’ shift management, dispatch, to make changes in the reservation and cancellations become a challenging task and a requirement on a daily basis.  Much of this management takes time during nights and weekends. Most of the in-house travel labor and administrators full-time job responsibilities, which is a bigger hindrance to managing these tasks. and its travel management department have set up team pods within their organization, each with expertise to assist our clients in successfully completing these tasks with 100% customer-satisfaction.

Fully-customized and streamlined logistics solutions

Challenges are inherent in managing groups travelling overnight outside their home base. Crewfacilities and its team work towards eliminating costs and labor for the organizations ensuring uninterrupted communications between all parties involved. With a single hub and point of contact, makes sure your team enjoys the optimal production, at the same time a great facility stay.  While offering its clients their choose in communication via voice, text, email, smart phone app or website client log in.


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