– Rendering customized travel policies to save on company overhead

Crew Facilities

Crew travel and logistics management is a challenging endeavor and there’s no denying the fact. Scheduling, seeking out the pre-vetted facilities, adding rooms, dispatching, early check ins and late checkout management and handling any last minute changes – this whole gamut of tasks require diligence, and round the clock service to keep everything synchronized and running smoothly and efficiently. is a trusted crew travel and logistics firm, which has experienced travel coordinators and consultants on its team to handle its various operations. The company has been catering to an extensive clientele hailing from different industry verticals for several decades now. The firm is diligent enough to ensure that your team does not have to waste its valuable time in finding facilities and negotiating room rates. It provides many more services and qualified assistance to manage workforce travels and lodging, and enjoy optimal productivity in the long run.

The team

Andrea Tsakanikas and Amber Schofman at engages in facility search, cost tracking, real-time tracking of all personnel, and auditing the final bill invoiced by the facility. Unlike many, the company works directly with their clients, coordinators and management teams to develop a fully-customized lodging solution to meet the client’s individual needs. When you retain, your company will be assured of 100% administrative efficiency, improved crew productivity and profit. Here is a clearer picture of the services offers:

Personnel travel and logistics management

Crewfacilities makes sure your crew is lodged nearby the job-site to curtail shifts running too long. The company moreover narrows down the best-vetted facilities and chooses the most competitive one for your crew to save on overhead. The correlation between accommodation standards and team’s ultimate productivity is quite direct, although not often understood. Personnel lodged in comfortable accommodations where they get a good nights’s rest find a productivity the next day which adds to company’s revenues.’s top priority is always to ensure a hassle-free experience with lodging, while managing and reducing overall travel expenses.

Besides, Crewfacilities allows its clients to have access to travel data in real-time and remain updated about crew movement constantly. The company has “boots on the ground” to ensure the crews have smooth check ins, enjoyable stays, quality hotels, camps and lodges where the management is outstanding. Whether it is find available rooms in a remote area with very few lastminute options, or after-hours emergency calls or invoice auditing, the seasoned staff at ensures that your crew has a quality stay irrespective of any remote location they are travelling to, within North America.

Customized travel policies and transparent costs for its clients

Crewfacilities, the one trusted crew travel and logistics management company, is committed to delivering customer-oriented travel policies suiting various budgetary constraints. The company and its team of travel coordinators make sure that the crew on the move has only accommodations that meet standards, such as safety, health and environmental. And, to ensure the same, the company takes a strategic approach towards designing travel and lodging solutions for its clients. Regardless of the group size or business culture, prides in creating a program that is always efficient and fitting to the budgetary constraints. offers a 60-day trial which is setup in minutes offering potential clients the visibility and a true insight into how their specific travel will evolve and what the estimated true reductions that may come off your travel and lodging expenses. The company takes complete control of your travel program and ensures that your crew arrives at the vetted facilities, where their rooms will already be checked in. And then from each day reporting of actual rooms and available beds will be reported back to the requestor of the reservation. The benefits of partnering with Crewfacilities are as follows:

Real-time reporting, forecasting and analytics

Audit department reviews all invoices for simplified review and approval

Customized travel policies

Access to their proprietary crew management mobile app and software

Simplified invoicing, billing and reconciliation

Reduced crew lodging expenses

Streamlined accounting and reporting

Streamlined lodging and reservation process.


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