Andrea Tsakanikas – A Pioneer in women-owned, quality crew travel and logistics management service

andrea_linkedinAndrea Tsakanikas is the co-founder and the President of the personnel travel and logistics management company – Andrea Tsakanikas goes synonymous with indissoluble businesswoman with key acumen for customer care. Andrea Tsakanikas career spans over 20 years in managing and consulting workforce travels and lodging in remote areas.

Andrea Tsakanikas is an example of phenomenal entrepreneurship, leadership, management and consultancy in property management and workforce housing industry. Andrea Tsakanikas  has a vision, and to bring it to life, she designs plans and devises them accordingly. The woman has been active in the industry since 1985, focusing on a variety of fields including rental/real estate investment, workforce travel and lodging management. Andrea Tsakanikas switched to Management Consultancy as a full-time professional in the year of 2007 and assisted a variety of corporations to manage their crews’ travels plus logistics in the most simplified and synchronized manner.

Andrea Tsakanikas founded when most corporations with crews travelling overnight needed such a company the most. company emerged with full-time service – customized and simplified crew travel and logistics management solutions at a competitive rate. Kudos to Andrea Tsakanikas, who input her best shots into creating an organization like in order to help corporations with crews with strategic procurement solutions, travel reservation service, facility booking, credit solutions, and invoice auditing.

Andrea Tsakanikas was disheartened to see so many organizations being overcharged by facilities when it came down to lodging. Moreover, most companies would fail to get a better deal as they lacked information, expertise and time to locate only the vetted facilities over all. With Crewfacilities, Andrea Tsakanikas  implemented her vision, which successfully turned into reality with many organizations across North America. Services include:

Custom-built administrative in-house labor solutions.

Vetted facility bookings.

Tracking empty rooms, unused beds only to eliminate unnecessary charges from final facility bill.

Reporting to the job in real-time.

Simplified communication technology.

Strategic procurement solutions.

And, 24/7 customer assistance.

Andrea Tsakanikas’ team works as a liaison between her client’s corporate office, regional offices, operations managers, crew leads, and the facilities. To ensure the process and procedure for her clients is streamlined, simple, fast and efficient. Being a top seasoned travel consultant and manager, she has built the proprietary system to manage all client reservations and details via single point of contact.

Here is a quick look at her projects:

VP of Operations, Financial Institution

Chief Operating Officer, Crew Logistics/Remote Lodging Company, and

President/Founder, Property Management Entity

And, currently, she is focusing on her WBE/MBE Certified Business Enterprise ‘’ Her contribution in the growth of this organization is incredible – From setting up divisions within the organization to training different teams and managing their operations, Andrea has created and trained her qualified team to handling all-inclusive functions of the company with utter dedication.


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