Andrea Tsakanikas – Innovations to manage mobile workforce travel and lodging


Andrea Tsakanikas, the co-founder and President of, leads the organization in consistently finding innovative ways to take the company to the next level.

Andrea Tsakanikas has co-founded with an aim to help organizations with crews travelling overnight to manage and control their out of town group travel when on location. Irrespective of any business culture and project size, Crews travelling to a remote location must be provided with quality accommodations to improve their jobsite productivity. Andrea Tsakanikas having spent several decades in managing mobile workforce travel and lodging, begins the process by improving client travel budgets, saving on travel overhead, and estimating total “not to exceed” travel costs to ensure her client projects are profitable. Andrea Tsakanikas in collaboration with her qualified team ensures that her clients travel spend is at a minimum, while obtaining maximum productivity from the staff. is now considered as North America’s most preferred crew travel and logistics company by numerous businesses. Reasons for this level of trust include:

Andrea Tsakanikas has ensured that is a WBE/MBE certified Business Enterprise. Being specialized in streamlining and customizing crew travels and logistics requirements, Andrea is now busy catering to a diverse clientele across North America. She offers end-to-end, business-to-business services to eliminate the hassles that are found when groups travel to facilities that are versed in individual travelers. Andrea Tsakanikas has a better understanding of potential hassles usually faced by mobile workforce while travelling and lodging at a remote location, out of all comforts and handy professional assistance. From streamlining client’s administrative in-house labor to booking vetted facilities, to tracking down extra rooms and unused beds, Andrea Tsakanikas ensures her team takes on the responsibility for elimination of unnecessary costs from the final facility bill as well. When it comes to crew travel and lodging for mobile work forces, real-time tracking of crew members and their day-to-day movement has always been a major concern, which is aptly systemized by and its travel coordinators.

How a crew travel management approach is beneficial for companies in construction, energy, government, utility industries?

Businesses such as these don’t have the time to focus on their crews’ efficient travel and lodging management. So they seek out professional assistance to cut on their costs, and in-house administrative time consumption. Initially, organizations prefer renting man camps and apartments with a long-term contract, but end up finding they have overspent on costs that were unnecessary. One thing to keep in mind is that facility owners are there to sell rooms, with little concern of saving a client money, which adds to their unjustified profits. Crewfacilities and its customized travel policies track down empty rooms and beds to save your costs.

One of the unmatched qualities that set apart is its service flexibility and unbeatable efficiency level. As the company tends to render only quality service it books those facilities that adhere to all quality standards, such as safety, health and environmental standards. A restful night ensures a productive morning – adhering to this motto, and its team of qualified travel coordinators do the scheduling, forecasting and sequencing of every step for its clients’ successful project accomplishment.

Many companies have no idea how to create travel policies and programs in order to create processes for their crew travels and lodging needs. In such cases, understands their client business needs and culture, and can estimate a “not-to exceed” lodging cost for an upcoming project.

Here are some of the solutions offered by

Booking vetted and pre-qualified facilities closest to the job site

Real-time reporting customized to clients’ needs

24/7 data access in real-time

Dedicated team pod that works directly with your personnel

Synchronizing the dispatch and scheduling of crew movement from location to location

Minimizing travel and lodging expenditures

Simplifying workforce and logistics management

Reducing layers and layers of emails, calls and SMSs

Contact Andrea Tsakanikas/ for best crew travel management for your organization.


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