Andrea Tsakanikas – A dynamic crew travel and logistics management expert



Frustrated with your crew travel and lodging?  Traveling in remote areas and find many challenges for quality facilities, closest to the rig site at competitive rates?  Many of clients came on board after getting tired of all the overcharges and time spent managing their crew travel.  And they seek out Andrea Tsakanikas and as an outsourced travel department.

Who Andrea Tsakanikas ?

Andrea Tsakanikas is the Co-founder and President of – an employee travel and logistics management firm. Andrea Tsakanikas  co-founded and has been leading the organization with innovative and proprietary processes and solutions in crew travel management.

Speaking of her clients and type of companies she caters to – her customer network is quite vast. Andrea Tsakanikas  has clients from construction, solar, wind, gas & oil, education, municipal and government as well. Owing to her constant contributions, offers top notch service and solutions to its customers.

Apart from dealing with mobile workforce and its remote lodging, Andrea Tsakanikas has also been involved in property and facility management, offering a keen focus on how to best serve her clients in crew travel across North America.

Some of Andrea Tsakanikas past projects include:

  • Andrea Tsakanikas has setup a property management division to oversee and manage remote lodging with class A apartments, lodges, man camps and suites.
  • Andrea served as a COO of a Corporate Lodging Company.
  • Following this, Andrea co-founded After many years on the management side, representing owners and management of facilities, Andrea Tsakanikas saw a need to manage the client side of the transaction.  Managing the crews traveling between all of the facilities.  Some of the issues she found were hotels selling overpriced accommodations, additional rooms, additional nights and charges.  Andrea Tsakanikas executed an innovative and proprietary system to assist companies with mobile workforces a simplified and streamlined travel process. travel program is focused on controlling, managing and reducing its clients travel expenditures.

Andrea Tsakanikas has an extensive specialization in rendering customized solutions to her clients to help them reduce their current travel costs, administrative labor, and time. She has a vision for her clients and it is to provide them hassle-free crew travel and lodging services.

Contact Andrea Tsakanikas and today for your personnel travel management needs.

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