Andrea Tsakanikas – Offering Hassle-free crew travel and lodging with maximized savings is a full-time crew travel and logistics management firm, catering to a large-scale of businesses hailing from different industry verticals. aims at reducing all your crew travel and lodging hassles, while ensuring maximized outcome.

Andrea Tsakanikas having spent over years in managing employee lodging, resort and rental projects. Andrea Tsakanikas contribution to leading Crewfacilities rapid growth has been a success. While many in this arena follow the conventional travel policies, Andrea Tsakanikas has created innovative and customized solutions to satisfy clients’ needs and requirements. When it comes to managing a remote project, the very foremost thing comes to the mind is “How to book the best facility while obtaining the most competitive lodging rates?” In this regard, Andrea Tsakanikas comes with the most simplified solution – Andrea streamlines all the vetted facilities at the preferred location and seeks out the suitability in terms of budget and comfort. Many companies are so fixed on the hotel rate quoted prior to the reservation, but do not verify that is the rate and number of room nights that is invoiced.

Andrea Tsakanikas has spent many years in consulting and managing mobile workforce and logistics. Owing to her vast knowledge and hands-on experience, is now a top choice for organizations with crews traveling overnight.


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