Reduce Travel Complications By Obtaining Global Lodging Partners – Andrea Tsakanikas,

Travel management companies like have an extensive network of lodging providers that they work with across the country and globally.

Working with CrewFacilities and Andrea Tsakanikas saves you in a variety of ways.  From ensuring you are not placing your crews in substandard facilities that could have safety infractions, bed bugs, poor quality beds, etc.  by pre-qualifying and vetting a variety of hotels, mancamps, lodges, corporate apartments each and every time your team requires lodging in a different part of the country and globally. has a network of room blocks in vetted hotels and other facility types to be quickly selected to meet the needs of your crews. Checking in and out is therefore expedited with pre-check ins so your crew does not have to spend a long time waiting at a front desk for check in.  Studies have shown a correlation with a good night’s sleep and productivity on the job site.  In addition, Andrea Tsakanikas has found over the years that many of the company’s clients find employee retention on the rise when their crews are comfortable in their overnight accommodations.


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