Growing Pains and What Your Organization Can Do to Simplify Areas Such as Crew Housing During Company Expansions

Setting up operations in new regional areas can be very expensive for companies which didn’t previously have a presence in that area. For example, the company may think that the hotel room rates which they are being charged are fair simply because the only comparison they can draw upon is the cost of a similar room in the city where the company offices are located.

Andrea Tsakanikas advises companies which have secured work or are expanding into new areas to hire a travel management company like which operates across the country and beyond.

CrewFacilities will use their local knowledge to secure the best accommodations at the best rates for that area. The funds saved can be higher than initially thought.  Many companies look at crew travel as a small expenditure, but something as simple as man camp housing or hotel rooms can add up quicker than expected.

And additionally, you can retain more of your funds when you manage and control your hotel rewards.  Instead of allowing your personnel to use them for personal expenses, your organization can take advantage of hotel rewards points to reduce their crew travel.


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