The Top 5 Extra Benefits of Hiring a Travel Management Agency

Did you know that hiring a travel management agency like delivers numerous extra benefits beyond the immediate monetary savings on crew travel? Read on and learn five added benefits that Andrea Tsakanikas outlines as what you will enjoy when you work with CrewFacilities.

First, the room reservations for your crews will be confirmed rapidly. This rapid confirmation will also be followed by quick check-in since the employees of CrewFacilities will have arrived earlier to attend to most of the needed requirements during the check-in process.

Secondly, the team provided by will act as the liaison between your team in the field, the team at the office and the management of the facility where your team is staying. This liaison frees your employees to focus on their core tasks at your company.

Thirdly, Andrea Tsakanikas and her team will give you numerous reports, such as a report on the cost for each employee during each field trip. These reports will help you to make any necessary decisions, such as revising your quotations for projects in case crew travel costs have been taking more than you had initially thought.

The fourth added benefit of hiring is that the travel manager will facilitate your enjoyment of any available rewards programs run by different facilities. This can translate into significant savings for your company.

The fifth added benefit you will enjoy is 24/7 service by a dedicated CrewFacilities employee. This single point of contact will guarantee that any issues that arise are resolved quickly without wasting time reaching out to different people.

Travel management companies like CrewFacilities offer countless benefits which smoothen the travel experience of your employees. Your crews will therefore be more productive and satisfied with their jobs when you hire Andrea Tsakanikas to manage all team travels.


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