Join Loyalty Programs and Enjoy Employee Travel Benefits

Companies whose employees travel on a regular basis can enjoy numerous benefits when they work with travel managers, such as Andrea Tsakanikas, President of, that enroll the company for various loyalty programs run by hotels, airlines, car rental companies and other service providers. Such loyalty programs can earn your company reward points that can be used to offset the costs associated with the subsequent trips which your team makes.

Andrea Tsakanikas says that some companies either aren’t aware of such loyalty programs, or they think that they will be under the obligation to use those service providers. This isn’t true, as you will be under no obligation to do anything once you enroll for a given loyalty program. In fact, CrewFacilities actively seeks out any available loyalty programs as part of its service offering to its clients so that savings and a positive travel experience can be enjoyed when employees travel. This is a particularly useful service since many companies travel to numerous locales in the course of the year, so they find it burdensome to keep track of all the loyalty programs of the service providers that they hire.

Andrea Tsakanikas also reveals that membership to loyalty programs can make your crew to get free breakfast, late checkout or complimentary drinks at the hotels or lodging facilities where they stay during a work trip. Those add-ons can boost the morale of your team.

Last-minute changes to the travel plans of your employees may necessitate that some rooms be upgraded for the senior employees who are travelling with the team. Membership to a loyalty program may ease the process of those room upgrades without incurring any additional cost. Andrea Tsakanikas always pulls all the stops so that the clients of CrewFacilities enjoy all the perks that come with the different loyalty programs managed by the service providers needed during crew travel.


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